Lenny Griggs

Profile Updated: December 31, 2014
Residing In: Medford, OR USA
Spouse/Partner: Jayne DeBolt
What do you presently do now? Garbageman for Rogue Disposal for last 31 years
Children: Noelle, 21
Cole 15
Yes! Attending Reunion
Attending Reunion


How long?

26 years

What did you want to do or think you were going to do when you finished high school?

Had no idea. Went Portland State for 2 years on a football scholarship. To many injuries to deal with and came back home.

What are some other jobs you have had in the past?

Worked at a Nursey, construction when in Tempe Az.




Last 12 years finally got on outside routes of the valley. Get to go up to Applegate Lake every week and Sterling Creek and Little Applegate. No subdivisions for me.
Coached Cole in Little League for 5 years and 1 year of Pop Warner Football. Won the Pacific N.W Division 3 Championship in SanJose against the Nevada Champions.
Enjoyed it so much I stayed on for 3 more years and we won Oregon Championship the following 2 years at Autzen Stadium. Couple of good memories on that field flooded my mind!

School Story:

Was pretty quiet and shy and just going through motions of keeping up with school waiting for track season. Then someone thought I could play football. Senior High was kind of blur and confusing. Jeff Hensley was a great friend to have to keep me grounded.

What have you always wanted to do that you haven't done yet?

Travel to Scotland and Ireland to play Golf and go to Spain with Jayne.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Relax and lots of Family time. Recently discovered Backpacking and love that.

Where is the farthest you have been from home?


Where is your favorite place to go?

Just hiked to top of Wagner Butte with Cole and Dirk Karamann.


Just an AWSOME 360* view off Shasta, Red Buttes, Mt. Ashland, Pilot Rock, Theilson, McLaughlin ans far as the eyes can see.

What would we be suprised to know about you?

August 24, 2014 changed me in a very drastic way. Apparently I drove to Stoneridge Golf Course, apparently played a round walking like usual, apparently had 2 beers to celebrate the best round by a friend who shot a 78 with 3 bogies and apparently walked to my pickup only to pass out before I got to it, Thank You God!
Ambulance to me to RV Hospital where I was at for 18 days with 2 skull fractures above my right ear, brain swelling and bleeding. I say apparently because I have to this day and never will have any memorie of what I did or of what happened.
At one point Jayne brought our Kids up to visit, they hadn't seen there yet, and my blood pressure went up so high I was puking blood out of my mouth, nose and eyeballs. Something nobody should ever have to experience. The Main Doctor on Call made a call to my Neurologist who was there in no time decided that drilling my scull would cause more damage and that unless the blood pressure went down a lot and soon I only had 6 hours to live if that.
Jayne took the Kids home and they got no sleep and no phone call. She came up early the next morning and saw I was alive!! Blood pressure went down, but, complete recovery was nil at best.
Day 11 I woke up to see Dad in my room and that is when I have my first memory. He said Hi and that I look better today than last week. At this point I am wondering what the hell are you talking about and looking around the room, where the hell am I and how long have I been here and why am I here.
He ax plainer what had happened and then went to the bathroom, after trying to crawl out the bed for almost a half hour. Finally made and all I saw in the mirror was huge black circles around both eyes looking like a dead raccoon!
The circles disappeared and I forced myself to stay out of bed as much as possible by walking the hall on the floor. Finally made it home but was still on the anti-seazure medication which is nasty as can be!!!!
Went to a Mental Therapist and the next day a Physical Therapist. Both could not believe what I went through reading the hospital logs and my mental and physical findings by them was normal. No mental or physical defects at all.
Been back to work since Oct. 6th being a passenger on my routes because I suffered a seazure, not allowed to drive with a CDL for 6 months.
Before the accident I was weighing 228lbs, today, 12-31-2014 I am 184lbs and feeling so much better. Last drink of alcohol was after the round and don't miss it, crave it, or even think want it anymore.
I have been told by many that what I have been through and where I am now is more than a Miracle and blessed. A religious person I am not, but, always believed there is something higher. I have now experienced whole heatedly that prayers mean so much and really works no matter the denomination!
I have a new perspective on life now and consider myself very, very lucky to be here and alive!
I had a wonderful time at the 35th Reunion and the round of golf the next day. Looking forward to the 40th!
Happy New Year and have a wonderful 2015! I know I will along with my Family!

Lenny Griggs

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