In Memory

LeeAnn Seelye

Submitted by John Bauman: 

I've been informed by LeeAnn's brother William that she passed away in Texas around September of 2016. I believe that the cause of death was cancer, but I don't have any specific information. I understand that she had children, but I don't know if she was married at the time of her passing. I've been unable to find any obituary information online. As I recall, LeeAnn was a nice, modest, quiet person, and I can't think of anytime she was in trouble or caused anyone a problem. I don't think she attended any of our reunions. She seemed to be one of those people who quietly moved on after high school and embraced a life that she was comfortable with. While I can't say I knew her very well, she definitely had a sweet spirit, and I'm sure that those who knew her would say the same. Perhaps someone else from our class will be able to add more to this very simple memorial.